3 Types of Lead Generation Forms

B2B lead generation forms or lead capture forms are one of the best ways to collect information about your website visitors and help turn them to prospects. B2B lead generation forms serve as a powerful & helpful tool which can dynamically benefit your business. B2B lead generation forms help you understand visitor preferences, generate better leads and help you know your website visitor.

Three types of lead generation forms:

1. Static forms : Static forms are the most basic type of lead generation forms used by marketers. The main disadvantage with static form is that no matter how many times a specific prospect fills out a form, they will always be asked for the same information time and again. You can create static forms that include basic text, dropdown menus, checkboxes, or even file uploads.

2. Progressive forms : Progressive lead generation forms are  a marketing automation feature that allow marketers to further qualify repeated visitors. In this type of lead generation form, you can select which fields appear for a specific prospect, based on the information you already have about the prospect.

3. Multistage Forms : If you have a long lead generation form, it is better to break it into 2 - 3 step form. This way when a prospect starts to fill a form, he doesn't get to see the complete long lead generation form in one go. If you are using a multistage form, make sure you start to collect the most basic information first and get specific in further steps.

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