3 Video Formats for B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the challenging tasks for B2B organizations. B2B organizations can increase their online visibility and generate more online leads through video. Here are 2 video formats which B2B organizations can use to increase their lead generation.

Product demo videos

Due to an information age buyers have become self guided. They research online before taking their buying decision. So video demonstrating your product or services could be very effective to generate leads. Product demo videos are easy to understand and help your target audience to evaluate your product against their needs. According to recent study brain processes visual media faster than text. Instead of providing features of your product or services in text format explaining them through video will help to streamline your sales funnel. Moreover many people are involved in B2B buying decision process, product demo video makes it easy for your B2B contact to present your product to other people while taking buying decision.

Your product demo video should highlight features,the most efficient use and should provide immediate information needed by your target audience.

Interview video of an expert in your industry

This type of video helps to increase your target audience interest in your product or service. When an expert or influential person in your industry talks about your product or services the more interest is generated in your product or services. When you involve influential personalities the video itself becomes viral which leads to increasing your visibility online.

Consumer stories video

In Consumer stories video,customers applauds your product or services. This helps to build trust and credibility amongst your potential B2B buyers. Your consumer story video should highlight the customer pain points,problems and how your product or services contribute to solve those problems.

Adding video to your marketing mix can have large impact on B2B lead generation. If you have adopted video marketing then we would love to share your experiences.

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