4 Main Components that Determine your Email Open Rate

There are many deciding factors that determine if your emails will be opened or not. Apart from all the other factors, following are the four main components that determine your email open rate.

A targeted email campaign ensures that right message is delivered to right audience. If the content you share is not what the subscriber is looking for, it will definitely affect your open rate. The more closely aligned your content is with your subscribers’ interest, the more likely your email gets opened. That's why segmentation is important. It allows you to align content more accurately.

Value History :
If your last email had high quality, valuable and engaging content, chances are that your subscribers will for sure open your next email / newsletter. If you become an anticipated part of your reader's life, you will certainly improve your open rate. Knowing your subscriber well is the key here.

Send Time :
The time you send an email impacts your open rate. It all depends on what kind of emails you are sending to your readers. If it is leisure then you can send it of Sunday morning as well, but sending B2B emails on Sunday is not a good idea. There might be some people who check their work emails on Sunday, but there are plenty who prefer to keep some separation between work and personal lives. But, as we say all audience are different and each product is different, test yours to discover the best send time.

Subject Line :
The most important factor to determine an email open rate is the subject line. If you have a compelling subject line, you will have better open rate. Email subject lines must appeal to your readers and encourage them to open email. There are several ways to pull it off, and make readers click.

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