4Key Stats About Customer Content Benefits.

Customer content means content sourced from existing customers like case studies,customer testimonials,customer videos.According to B2B content marketing survey conducted by TechValidate 94% of surveyed B2B marketing pros reported that customer content is “very effective” This statistics demonstrates the importance of customers in B2B content marketing.

Customer content can benefit your business in following ways.

Shortens sales cycle

Customer content that is customer testimonials,case studies, customer videos these are unbiased content which establish trust among your potential customers. This might prompt your prospects to buy. You can incorporate customer testimonials,case studies into your marketing automation for effective lead nurturing. This helps to shorten your sales cycle. According to survey by TechValidate it compresses your deal cycle by 20%

Increases Lead generation

Customers are often skeptical of whitepaper,ebboks , Webinar which directly come from your marketing team. Customer case studies,testimonials,videos come directly from customers. This builds trust and your potential customers might not be skeptical of them.

Increases lead generation

Customer videos add visual content into your content marketing strategies. You can post these videos on YouTube,on your Website or share them on your social media networking profiles. This might prompt your visitors to share it with their network. This boosts your lead generation by giving more exposure to your brand and product. According to TechValidate customer content increases your lead generation by 80%.According to survey 80% of B2B organizations reported that content created from customers increases lead generation.

Increases close rates

Customer testimonials,videos, case studies can easily answer all customer questions and builds trust amongst your potential customers.

It puts the visitor at ease if he has never used your product before. This make them comfortable to engage with your brand and product. Customer content thus increases your credibility which helps to convince customer very easily. This in turn helps to increase your sales close rate. According to survey by TechValidate customer content raises close rates by 22%.

Thus customer videos,testimonial,case studies, promotes your brand and product in the most convincing fashion.

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