5 A/B Testing Blunders That Even Professionals Make

By now all of you must be aware of what A/B Testing is. But, how many of you have actually done an A/B Test? Surprisingly, knowing about what A/B testing is, majority of us might have never tried it. Conversion optimization techniques started many years back, but in last couple of years it became popular. Today, it has become so popular that people are discussing their A/B testing & conversion optimization results, challenges and experiences.

Following are 5 A/B Testing mistakes to avoid

1. When people talk about A/B testing results, they normally speak about small changes that boosted their conversion. There are chances that you copy the same process when you see these results. But in reality, a lot of people perform wrong A/B test and for this reason it is very important that you read between the lines.

For Example: An A/B Testing article says that red color call-to-action button outperforms green color call-to-action button. If you read the article carefully, you will find that the red button had 20% increases in CTR over the green one. But that doesn’t mean that CTR is equally to conversion rate.

2. You should not end your A/B test immediately if it shows the results as statistically significant. It might be true in many cases, but from my point of view until and unless you have enough conversion you should not stop the test.

3. If the conversion rates are high because of small changes, it means that something has gone wrong in your design. You should always remember that the big conversions will always come through big changes. If you really want to increase your conversion rates, don’t concentrate on small changes. Pay attention to the big changes that are going to boost your revenue.

4. Multivariate testing is the process where more than one component is tested. When you perform multivariate test, your conversion rates always goes down.

You will fail to understand which variable is working for you and which is not if you try modifying to many variables at one time, without testing them. For this reason, it is beneficial to run one test at one time.

5.Most of the experts suggest redesigning a website because the design is old-fashioned or obsolete. But I suggest instead of redesigning your website, you should test your design till it’s to your customers like.

At last, it doesn’t matter what you think about your website design. The only thing that matters is whether it converts well or not. If you keep on changing things just because you think the design is outdated, you are severely hurting your revenue.

It’s ok if you make some mistakes for conversion at initial stage. After all you learn things from your mistakes. Just take care that you don’t repeat these mistakes again and again and everything will be alright.

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