5 Basic Landing Page Optimization Principles

As per a report published by WishPond, 66% of businesses test multiple landing pages on their websites. While only 13% assume they are doing it correctly. 72% online retailers believe in testing their call to action buttons and just 49% test the actual performance of the checkout process.

We all know that Google conducted more than 7000 A/B tests in 2011, 40 to just determine which blue shade earned more clicks. Landing pages are very important for any online business to generate more conversions and engagement.

Here we see some basic landing page principles one can easily follow

  1. Show what your user wants to see in the landing page
    The user clicked on your link with an intention to see something that you triggered through the text in the link. Give the user what he believes would get after clicking the link. To make it simple, satisfy the user with required information he is searching for. Don't disappoint him with something vague. Your landing page should keep the promises made in the advertising.

  2. Give away maximum information on your landing page
    Your company name, address, phone number, include any videos, images, testimonials and social media shares and likes. Make it more appealing to the user and help him to take certain action on that page by implementing easy to do call to actions. Showcase your certifications and badges such as Verisign, eTrust, etc., to gain more confidence. Never use pop-ups on your landing pages as it not only annoys your user but also diverts his attention.

  3. Try your landing page designs in multiple browsers
    Ensure they are performing well in all the browsers and look similar. Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Mozilla and other browsers that are used globally, find out the ones that users may use largely. Keep your design simple and to reduce distractions and highlight the offer prominently and not your company. Try to use few images that are convincing and necessary. Check for page load speed, fonts, colors, 1styles for better user readability.

  4. Do not try to collect more information from your users
    On the landing page unless it is absolutely required. Try to keep the forms to the minimum. Try using radio buttons, dropdowns and lists making it convenient for user to do it quickly. Do not oversize the buttons. Keep them in line with the overall page. Try to avoid main navigation that we normally use on our home pages.

  5. Keep looking at your competitors landing pages
    And ask yourself what you would have changed in their landing page to make it more effective. You can get the best idea out of it. Ensure the copy is error free and grammatically correct. Using less text and making few words count more is the trick. Always write in the second person that is 'You' the customer and 'We'. It is good to have long copies for sales. Try to answer the questions your customers may have through this copy.

These are the five basic principles of landing page optimization if followed can give you better results. Remember, a landing page could be outside of your website where you intend to send the targeted traffic.

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