5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably the most profitable means of marketing to a large group of people. Email marketing is cost effective, presents more opportunities for your business and also help drive a better return on investment. With email marketing you can turn a marketing communications piece out in typically less than 2 hours. A successful email campaign means include maximizing your marketing ROI, increasing customer loyalty & profitability, driving more sales conversions and improving tracking & feedback. Email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media. Email is an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships.

Here are 5 key benefits of Email Marketing:

1. Email Marketing is Targeted :
During the days when traditional advertising was the most popular way to get your brand in front of a large customer base, there was no control as to who sees your advertisement. With email marketing, you have the ability to control exactly who sees an email by segmenting your contacts based on their lead status, demographic information, location or any other criteria. Targeting emails means that your audience receives content which is best suited for his requirements. With email marketing you can customize your message for each target group.

2. Email marketing increases brand awareness:
When you send an email out, with each email a consumer is exposed to your business and your brand, especially if he is a new one. If your emails are planned & strategically designed with targeted content, your business will consistently build value. While doing so, you also stay top of mind with your audience.

3. Email marketing help increasing customer loyalty And profitability:
With email marketing you develop deeper relationships with customers that drive profitability. Email is an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships.

4. Email marketing drive more sales conversions:
Emails campaigns gently lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important data and drive the prospect to your website. Response in case of email marketing generally occurs within 48 hours.

5. Email marketing help improve tracking and feedback:
Most marketing & advertising techniques are difficult to measure. With email marketing everything can be tracked & checked at various touch points. You can check who opened the email at what time etc.

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