5 Pitfalls of Sending too Infrequent Emails

Email marketing gives businesses an unprecedented level of contact with their customers and clients. The main motto of an email marketing campaign is to increase your visibility and turn subscribers into customers. But this is possible only when your subscribers and prospects open your emails or newsletters. Just like sending emails too often impacts the performance of your email marketing campaign, sending emails too infrequent also affects it badly. Following are some pitfalls of sending too infrequent emails that you must care about.

1. Customers will have to re-familiarize themselves with your company each and every time you send an email campaign or email newsletter.

2. Customers will have trouble following a chain-like buying strategy, such as purchasing a scarf one week and gloves the next

3. Customers will forget who you are and hit the spam button, ruining your reputation

4. Customers will be resentful that you're not doing enough to get their attention

5. Email addresses will change and you'll find your list piling up with hard bounces

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