5 Tips for Converting Prospects To Leads

Driving visitors to your website is not that easy, as it may sound like. Top drive visitors you must focus on reducing your website bounce rate, generating sales leads and increasing your site's customer conversion rate. You can start by taking a close look at your site’s analytics reports. People visit sites based on their site content expectations. They stay based on whether what they see and read matches their content expectations.

The following 5 web site tips will help you drive visitors to the sales funnel and help you convert them to customers.
1. Use effective calls-to-action (CTAs): Drive your visitors in the right direction and help them take the correct next step in the sales and customer journeys with visible, interactive call-to-action text and buttons.
2. Place your calls-to-action where they can easily be seen: Get that CTA up above the fold where it can be seen!
3. Keep your offer landing pages simple: Don’t make your visitors do a lot of reading or thinking on your offer pages. All you need is a click to start them through the sales funnel.
4. Use a form on that landing page to drive your offers and convert prospects: Using a form can help you get a complete view of who your customer is and what they’re looking for.
5. Nurture those prospects with a newsletter: Use a mailing list to help nurture your leads over time. Depending on the industry, some sales cycles can take a month or two, some can take a year or more.

The more you know about your prospects and the more they know about you the easier it is to help them and nurture them in their purchase journey until they're ready to buy.

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