6-Steps to Improve Email Open Rates

There are many aspects that contribute to an effective email marketing program. When it comes to eMail marketing, not much is more important than how to get your emails opened. And for marketers the most desirable aspect is to have high email open rates. If you're suffering from bounce rates or spam complaints, improving your email delivery rate is key. If you increase open rates, you'll boost conversion rates too. With the simple steps listed below, you can increase your email open rates significantly.

Step 1:
Be useful and ultra specific : Make sure the content you are sharing with your target audience is relevant and useful to them. Irrelevant and useless content will straightaway be trashed or marked spam.

Step 2:
Identify yourself : The sender information should be clear to customer. They should know where the mail is coming from. Mention your most identifiable brand product in the subject line, or prefix the subject line with a consistent identifier, your company name or a representative's name.

Step 3:
Be visually different : Bring out your creative side and create subject lines that stand out visually. Try square brackets, sparing use of capitalization, phone numbers or quotes etc.

Step 4:
Create a sense of scarcity & urgency : Use timely topics and urgency that are top of mind, and use urgency occasionally to point out deadlines.

Step 5:
Use of call-to-action (CTA) : Asking a question to your customers is a good idea to initiate an action. Use call to action in your email body so that your readers are aware of what has to be their next step.

Step 6:
Test, Test, Test : Test every component of your email and compare results. Especially your subject lines so you can repeat what works best.

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