7 Reasons to Adopt Marketing Automation

Email is one of the most effective and cost efficient way of communicating with clients and prospects. Majority of the B2B companies and marketing organizations around the world are running email based marketing campaigns to communicate and educate prospect clients. If you are a B2B marketer, you know better how important these emails are in your day-to-day life. Apart from this you must also have to deal or juggle with lead generation, social media, search marketing etc. But many times it gets difficult for B2B marketers to manage all of this together. If you are a marketer and this situation looks familiar, then it might be the time to implement a system. A system that can do a lot of work for you.

There are way too many reasons to  implement Marketing automation solution in your organization. However, the first and foremost reason to adopt a marketing automation solution is, that it helps you send outbound email messages in response to prospect's action and behavior. Using marketing automation solution you can manage the targeting and timing of your outbound email campaign.

Reason # 1

Marketing Automation helps you deal with longer and complicated sales cycle. As a marketer, you must be aware of the fact that longer sales cycles need more touch points. Specifically when your prospect has reached the bottom of the funnel. This is what marketing automation offers you; multi touch points

Reason #2

Marketing automation helps you prioritize leads. If you do not know how to prioritize leads so that your sales team can act accordingly, then you must implement marketing automation. With a marketing automation solution in place you can score & grade leads that sales should be following up with. Lead scoring and lead grading helps you judge how interest level of your prospects in your company or if they are a good fit for your product or service.

Reason #3

If you have a CRM that doesn't automate important tasks as required, you must use marketing automation. A CRM system does a brilliant job for sales forecasting and task management, but it isn't equally effective and efficient in segmenting and qualifying leads. So, for greater segmentation capabilities and qualifying leads you must adopt marketing automation.

Reason #4

Using marketing automation you can get full insight into your campaign ROI. Marketing automation help you pull all reports and see which campaigns worked best had the greatest return on marketing ROI. Which otherwise is very difficult to determine.

Reason #5

Marketing automation bridges the gap between your sales and marketing teams. Lead quality and revenue attribution are the main reasons why your sales and marketing teams are at odds. With marketing automation your marketing team can generate quality and qualified leads for your sales team.

Reason #6

Marketing automation puts your content creation efforts to good use. With this you can target communication, create landing pages or forms and see a change in conversion results.

Reason #7

Marketing automation helps you nurture leads until they are sales ready. Marketing automation helps protect and minimize the risk of letting them get picked up by competitors.

With a marketing automation solution in place, a B2B marketer can spend more of his time on new and exciting marketing initiatives which was earlier occupied by manual and tedious tasks.

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