7 Tips for Writing Conversational Emails that Boosts your Email Marketing Campaigns

B2B Email Marketing campaigns are essential elements of B2B marketing strategies. They communicate and build relationships with prospects, gather important data and help boost marketing.

Importance of writing conversational emails

Email is so popular that standing out in the Inbox is harder than ever. With the explosion of emails, user tend to forget the matter. Users ignore or unsubscribe or delete emails ,if the content is of no interest to them. Many marketers follow the “batch and blast” method of email campaigns. This achieves the objective of sending out email, but not adding to the dialogue with prospects or engaging content. Efforts should be made to engage the prospects with meaningful communication via emails.

Following are the tips for writing conversational emails

1. Provide interesting content

Provide some content that has some genuine educational value for your subscribers Your chief aim needs to be helping your customer define their problem. The win for you is that at the same time you are simultaneously establishing your credentials as a thought leader to help them.

2. Understand or decide the content first

Research is the most important step in writing engaging content. You need to decide and understand the topic before you explain it to others.

3. Pose questions

A great way of getting your audience engaged with your email content is to pose relevant questions.like for e.g. is your firm ready to meet new challenges and requirements of automating marketing tasks? These type of question makes your solutions and points described in your email more personal and real.

4. To keep your email conversational write like you talk

To keep your emails conversational write emails as if you are talking in person. Write email like you are sitting in front of that person and explaining your topic to your subscribers.

5. Read your own personal emails

Most of us write conversationally in day­-to­-day emails.We don’t in work emails. But go into your personal email account and look at messages you sent your mom or to your friend That’s how you communicate conversationally. This will help you to draft your conversational email.

6. Don't use sales language

It is advised not to use sales language while drafting an email. Don't talk about “our company” ,“us”. Talk about your customer or subscriber.

7. Imagine yourself talking with your customer

While drafting an email first decide on your target audience. Try to analyze and gather information about their age group, geographical areas, likes, dislikes. Then imagine yourself as if you are talking to this group of people in person. From this group some people might have their established business, someone might be just about to start their own small business, or someone may be working in marketing. Try to create a persona representing each group . Make it detail and as realistic as you can , give him/her name, think about his/her education, his/her favorite TV show.

Hope these tips help you in writing more effective conversational email.

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