7 Ways To Promote Your Event On Social Media.

Business events and trade shows are great way to promote your brand, boost your lead generation. It helps you to gain brand recognition in your industry. Benefits of business events and trade shows are endless. We all are aware of how much time and money we have to invest to make event successful. Promoting your business events and trade shows is very important to maximize the event attendance. This helps you to improve ROI of your business events.
Social media is the channel through which you can promote your event. As we all are aware that social media increases your reach. It gives access to existing and new audience. Promoting your event on social media , you can create buzz about your event to maximize attendance.
Following are the ways in which , you can promote your event on social media

1. Share images,infographics of your event on social networking profiles

According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. visual media is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain.A ccording to HubSpot, social media updates with images get 53 percent more likes
To grab the attention of your audience about your brand and to remind them about your event share infographic,video,images of your upcoming event.

2. Take help of someone in your industry having quite good followers

If you don’t have much followers on your social networking profiles, you can take help from someone who has large number of followers, to promote your event. This will help you to expand your reach

3. Encourage your attendees to promote your event

Encourage your attendees to use their social networks to promote your event Create mutually beneficial relationships with industry and thought leaders.

4. Guest blog about your event on widely read blogs in your industry

Find out the most followed blogs in your industry. Make list of it and try the ways in which you can guest blog on these most followed blogs. Try to relate this blog post to your upcoming event.
You can take help of Google Blog Search to find the most followed blogs.

5. Promote early

Time is of essence. Promote your event early to reach out to larger audience. Promote it few months in advance.

6. Be creative by hosting some contests on your social networking profiles

Creatively encourage your followers on social networking profiles to promote your event. For example you can host a contest like, a person that generates the most shares on Facebook for promoting your upcoming event will win 2 free tickets.

7. Put power of hashtag to work

Create hashtag for your upcoming event to boost attendance. Your hashtag should be unique, relevant, short. Ideal hashtag should not exceed 8 characters.

These 7 creative ways will definitely help you to boost your event attendance.

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