A/B Testing Landing Pages

Every landing page does, however, have room for improvement.  A/B Testing a landing page is the best way to ensure that you have the proper design in place to drive potential customers further along the sales funnel.

Once the landing pages are a part of your marketing activity, you must set out some parameters to optimize them for a better conversion. The best tool to check landing page effectiveness is the A/B test. It help marketers understand and find which ads, call-to-action- buttons or lead capture forms work best. For an example, A/B test helps you find whether putting a product's price on landing page drive more sales than the visitor clicking on a subsequent page before showing price. Using A/B testing you can determine exactly which combination of alternate offers, headlines, images, videos or call-to-action are more persuasive & to visitors and are converting better.

Using behavioral targeting along with A/B testing you can easily and effectively optimize offers and other facctors that drivemore sales. Using behavioral targeting you can create landing pages that are customized based on whether the visitor is ne or returning, time of day or day of week etc.

Here's what A/B testing can do to your Landing Pages

1. Leveraging and testing multiple landing page strategies will help you identify which is the most effective.
2. It dramatically increases leads and conversions generated by PPC traffic, without increasing the budget.
3. It help you identify search terms and keywords that yeild better traffic and then you can target those specific keywords.

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