Are shorter email subject lines better?

If we look at the old surveys and research data, it reveals that the most frequent length of email subject lines was between 41 - 50 characters. As per this data, 25% of email subject lines were this length. But it was long before smartphones & mobile devices came came into picture.

When smartphone came into picture, screen size was the limitation. Considering the average screen size of these mobile gadgets, it could accommodate only 4 - 7 words i.e. upto 30 - 33 characters only. Knowing the fact that almost 40% of emails are opened on mobile first, it becomes crucial to limit email subject lines to a maximum of 33 characters to ensure better viewing.

According to a report from Retention Science, emails with 6-10 word subject lines had a 21% open rate. Those with subject lines containing five or fewer words ranked second with a 16% open rate, and those with 11-15 words had a 14% open rate. Despite the effectiveness of shorter subject lines, most emails examined (52%) had subject lines of 11-15 words.

The perfect email will always be subjective to some degree, but when it comes to subject-line length, this data seems pretty clear. So, next time try and test sending short & crisp email subject lines and see if your results improve.

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