Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Analyzing emails to see which subject lines work better than the other and which one results in better open rates is a time & effort consuming task, but someone has to do it. The best email subject lines (as stated in various studies, surveys and reports) are usually short, descriptive and provide your readers a reason to open the email sent to them. Emails with funky and cheesy subject lines are often ignored by the recipients and are trashed.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when you write subject lines, and learn about a few tools you can use to make your subject lines more engaging.
  • Avoid Sales or Overused Words - Avoid using words like 'Free' And 'Off' in the email subject line as they trigger spam filters. Also avoid using words like 'help', 'percent off' etc. These words do not trigger spam filters but the recipients usually ignore such emails.
  • Include Localization - Localizing and personalizing your email subject lines is a good ides to improve your email open rates. A personalized message with a recipient's first or last name is anytime better than simply addressing the user as 'Hi dear' or 'hello dear'.
  • Use Different Subject Lines - Use different subject lines for different email campaigns. Newsletters tend to start with high open rates, but these decrease over time. Keep your content fresh, and don’t repeat the same subject line for each campaign. If subscribers can’t tell something about your content from the subject line, they probably won’t open your campaign and your email may be trashed or marked spam.
  • Keep Subject Lines Short - Before we actually open an email, most of us quickly scan the subject lines to decide whether to open or ignore the email. This is what your subscribers also think and do. If an email subject line is able to grab your subscriber's attention, he will open it or else it will be ignored. Also keep in mind to keep your subject lines fewer than 33 characters or in between 4 - 7 words.

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