Blogging a Part of Lead Generation Strategy

Blogging is at the heart of inbound lead generation. You should dedicate your resources to company blog. Blogging has huge potential to drive significant amount of prospects. Large number of users are obtaining information from the blogs on internet.

Role of blogging in lead generation

According to state of inbound marketing report 81% of businesses have reported their blog as useful or critical to B2B lead generation.82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis acquired a customer from it.

Blogs are the platforms through which you can share informative content and provide solutions to certain problems. This not only attracts inbound traffic to your company website but also gives your organization added credibility within your industry. When these corporate blogs are authored by heads of your company it can become voice of your company with the blog content getting quoted in other forms of media.

A blog is a medium to connect with your customers or prospects. Prospects get connected if blog addresses their issues and problems in more informative and educative way. This increases the faith in the capability of your company. Company blog gives you the flexibility to stretch yourselves beyond the landing page; expanding your content past product features, business speak, and the boring FAQ page.

At the end of each blog post you can offer newsletter sign up or form which allows reader to learn more. This will be helpful in list building .

How to blog

1. Identify your audience

Identify the audience and topic on which you want to blog. This should be relevant to your product and services. Topic should be relevant to your target audience.

2. Blogging should be diverse in nature

Blogs are dynamic in nature They are constant source of new and diverse content. To maintain this diversity you should have multiple bloggers contributing to your corporate blogging. You can involve the senior people of your company in this.This.can attract readership from the top management people in other companies.

3. Promote your blog on various social media channels

Promoting your blog across various social media channels increases your readership.

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