Boosting Your Website Conversion Rate

Website conversion rate is a measurement of how many potential customers actually converted into sales. Inbound marketing indeed is a great source of increasing SEO and website traffic Increase in website traffic generate leads for you. Converting these leads into sales is a crucial part.

Increase in website conversion rates boosts your profits. For example, if you spend $1,000 on inbound marketing , it may result in bringing 1,000 prospective customers to your website. If your website conversion rate is 4%, then you’ll get 40 new customers. If your website conversion rate boost to 5%, you would gain 50 new customer means you will gain an additional 10 customers for no additional advertising cost, boosting your profits significantly.

Ways to boost your website conversion

1.Adding logos of your previous or current clients

Adding logos of your previous or current clients on your website increases your credibility It might compel your potential customers to have trust in you and your product This will in turn make your potential customers to interact with you. You can also add accreditation that your business is linked to. This will further make your credibility stronger.

2.Allow your past or existing client to write review.

Allow your past or existing customers to write review about your product and service. Reviews could be negative or positive. Negative review will help you to understand what went wrong by having conversation with the unhappy customer. This enables you to find out the reasons and ways to improve your services in future. A positive review will give some kind of reassurance and trust to your potential client.

3. Show the authenticity of your company

List physical address, photo of your office, listing a membership with the chamber of commerce. This will build the trust about the authenticity of your organizations among your potential customers.

4.Guarantees about your product or services

offering a guarantee about your product and services boosts customers confidence. This generally increases conversion rates. Likewise, having a longer guarantee (e.g., 365 days vs 30 days) will generally increase conversions even more.

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