Build An Eye Path In Your Marketing Emails With These Tips

Big fonts, bright colors, graphics, images definitely grab the attention of your subscribers. These are popularly followed ways by many businesses, while drafting marketing email, to grab attention of subscriber. If this email text is not presented in an organized manner in your marketing email, it will make your subscriber's eyes yank around message in an ineffective way. If you want your subscriber to see the email text in the order you want them to see, then you will need to use below tips while drafting your marketing email.

You can create an eye path for your marketing emails with these tips. Eye path is a key principle in Web design in which design is used to draw a reader's eye to certain areas of a Web page .

Here are the tips to create an eye path for your marketing emails.

Don't create visual clutter

Don't try to put too much information in one single email. If you have lot of information to share with your subscriber through your email newsletter then give that information back on your landing page. Don't clutter your email with too much items and text. If you include too many items in marketing email, reader won't focus on single one. As they say, with too many options, readers will choose none at all.


This means laying out your elements and text in F shape. Start at the top left, move over to the right, and continue that pattern vertically down the page Eyes are generally trained to read from left to right. Use reverse pattern for those whose native language is read from right to left. You can create two versions of your email.

Carefully position your call to action

Every marketing email you send expects subscribers to take certain action. So clear call to action is an integral part of any marketing email, irrespective of its topic. There are different opinions about positioning call to action

Some prefer to position call to action above the fold so that subscribers don't have to scroll down to respond. In this case position call to action as soon as you have provided enough information to your subscribers.

Few prefer to position call to action below the fold.According to them it gives subscribers a chance to develop his/her interest before taking any actions, by scrolling down and reading all information..

To decide the exact positioning of your call to action , you can split test call to action.

Clean design helps your readers to respond easily by understanding the neatly organized content.

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