Buyer Persona a Key to Lead Generation

Leads are lifeblood of any business. If there are no leads there will be no sales and no revenue. Decrease in lead generation is a serous thing to any business. There are various factor responsible for growth in lead generation one of the important factor is developing buyer persona. Resonating with your target audience is very important for generating leads.

What is buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a profile of a fictional buyer, based on real-life data and characteristics. This helps you to understand who Your prospect is? how do they spend their time and how and what do they like to buy.? It gives you all details of your prospect/customer facing activities. When you speak the customer’s language and address their needs it helps to connect with your prospects instantly. This helps to position your products as relevant and worthy of consideration.

Role of buyer persona in Lead generation

A good buyer persona is useful in effective lead generation and customer retention. Knowing your customers is helpful in creating compelling content and offers. When developing an offer, you need to start with the buyer persona(s) you are targeting. You need to understand what that individual wants and needs from you. The content developed by you, the look and feel of the message, and the wording of the call to action should be appealing to your prospects or customers.

If your leads are dropping recently then you should try to find out the answers to questions like Has the target audience changed in some fundamental way  ?is there something in the overall offer that no longer resonates with your target audience?

In B2B world effective buyer persona does following things

For B2B companies, the buyer’s context is the company .In the B2B world, an effective Buyer persona helps to map following things:
1. The corporate background
2. The decision maker and influencers’ need to more effectively navigate that context or background.
3. Basic demographics: industry, size, who do they serve,number of employees, revenues, footprint, etc.
4. Biggest objectives as a firm for the year ahead
5. Biggest obstacles for them as a firm for the year ahead
6. What’s changing where they’re feeling the pain that you can relieve

Buyer persona generation is one of the most important step in inbound marketing strategies intended for lead generation. Making these buyer persona go to work for your business is critical Effective usage of buyer persona to aid your marketing effort is very important which in turn impacts your lead generation

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