Case Studies Of Successful B2B Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is the popular marketing tool. This is widely used by both B2B businesses. This means optimizing content marketing is very crucial.. Find out new ideas to grow content marketing is a challenging task. But where can B2B marketers find new ideas ? To meet this challenge B2B marketers always look for the ways to find new ideas..Case studies could be an effective source of ideas. In this article we will see few case studies of successful B2B content marketing campaigns. Below are the few examples of B2B businesses who won content marketing awards at DemandGen Report’s B2B Content2Conversionconference for incredible creative, execution of content marketing.


Sungard used Zombie themed campaign to create awareness for SunGard Cloud offerings amongst IT professionals. This exceeded the download rates by 300%, a 5.7% email open rate and 20+ leads. SunGard developed the ifographic by relating cloud tech topics with popular topic Zombie. It attempted to relate the appropriate measures to survive a Zombie attack, and measures to migrate successfully to the cloud

The US Center for Disease Control launched “zombie apocalypse” campaign to educate US citizen on how to prepare for disasters – like zombie attacks. The theory used by The US Center for Disease Control was, when you can deal with zombie pandemic, you can deal with just anything..SunGard adopted this theory in their cloud tech marketing.

This gives the example of how to implement the most trended topics into your content marketing strategy to engage with your audience.

Lattice Engines

Lattice engines Partnered with a research firm to create a study report about the impact of big data on sales. This powerful content was promoted through various content marketing techniques like ebook, blog posts, guest articles, video interviews, Slideshare and an infographic. The research report was downloaded 500 times, covered by 15 blogs and industry media sites and prompted1,500 views of the ebook.

This shows how research reports prove to be an effective content marketing tactics for B2B businesses.


Xerox developed “Get Optimistic” campaign developed by Xerox to connect with their targeted audience gave them phenomenal results. They also created magazine covering relevant business tips by partnering with Forbes . This increased readership by 300-400% over previous email campaign.This helped them to add 20,000 new contacts, and generate 1,000+ scheduled appointments, resulting into 1.3 BILLION in pipeline revenue.

This shows how print magazines can be effective content marketing tool for engaging your audience.

These are the few examples of B2B content marketing campaigns.

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