Content Creation Vs Content Sharing

Content curation, creation, sharing and distribution is the content life cycle. Many people often confuse between content creation and content sharing, and if you are one amongst them, you are not alone. Content creation is a term for original content centered on the brand you created. Whereas content sharing is just what it sounds like; you share relevant content with your audience, such as a link to an interesting article, blog or an infographic from another website. So, which one is better for your brand & your audience? The answer is, both i.e. original content as well as curated content both are vital for your brand. Original content help you gain Google rankings whereas curated content help you engage loyal following as well as it attract more eyeballs. So, which of these two i.e. created content or curated content should you post on your business post online is well explained in the inforgraphic given below.

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