Create Impressive e-books for B2B Lead generation With These Tips

Lead generation is very crucial for any business. For B2B marketers, it is the most challenging tasks. But with right content marketing strategy B2B marketers can achieve the desired result in lead generation. E-books is one of the important content marketing tools used for lead generation. E-books is a medium through which you can educate your prospects by addressing a particular topic or issue in which they are interested in learning more about. With the right ingredients and approach you can create impressive e-books.

Here are the tips for creating impressive e-books

Don't make your e-books as your sales propaganda.

E-books are intended to educate your prospects. Your e-books should be informative and educative. They should address the issues and topics relevant to your prospects. Your e-books should not just talk about your products and services, it should add value by sharing information useful for your prospects. A good informative e-book will have a lasting impression on the minds of your prospects.

Your e-book should be relevant to your audience.

E-books should be designed and written by taking into consideration needs of your targeted audience. Ideal eBook should identify and address the problems, challenges, questions and information gaps that your prospects might have. Writing e-books without researching about audience needs won't give you desired results.

Eye catchy title

Writing e-books on topics relevant to your audience won't be just enough to grab their attention. In today's information age people are flooded withlot of contents all begging for their attention. An eye catchy title comes in picture here, an interesting title will provoke the interest of your subscribers to download it and read it further. You can add a descriptive subtitle to give a brief description of what the eBook discusses.

An impressive cover design

Images are more interactive. Whether in an email, a website call-to-action or a landing page your e-book cover should be attrative enough to speak about your e-book.It is visual representation of your eBook that people will see before downloading it Your e-book cover should be relevant to your title and contents of your e-book. Your brand identity has nothing to do with your e-book cover, it should resonate to the topic you are addressing not the your brand.

Length of your e-book

There is no hard and fast rule about length of your e-book. It much more about the quality and style of your content than quantity. You can make your e-book more substantial by adding supportive images and graphics. Tone of your e-book should be conversational as if you are telling a story.It should not feel like you are giving lecture, that might sound boring for your prospects. As general rule divide your story books into chapters to make it more organised.

Make your e-book visually interesting

Your eBook should be visually interesting with a creative touch to it. Make effective use of colors and white space, callouts, sidebars, charts, infographics and other visual points of interest.You can do this in house or hire content marketing agency service to do it for you.

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