Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

We all are aware of how content marketing is integral part of marketing strategies. Content marketing is needed for creating brand awareness, lead nurturing,lead management, lead generation. According to B2B Small Business Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budget, and Trends Micro companies (< 10 employees) are spending 42% more, while Small companies (10-99 employees) are spending 31% more than last year. So here we are giving creative content marketing ideas for small businesses

1.Publish your blogs or articles in trade or local magazines

Publishing your blogs or articles in trade or local magazines costs lesser as compare to publishing an advertisement in the same magazines.

2.Repurpose your content

If you have great content but no one is consuming it you can reuse this content in the form of webinar, ebook etc. For example local or trade magazine blog can be reprinted and distributed as booklet.

3.Create blog categories

Creates blog categories or an on-site article directory on your website.

4.Video blogging

Start a video blog. Develop short videos on topics relevant to your audience interest.Developing video is not expensive and time consuming. Video blogs require minimal editing and can be posted on YouTube .Video blogging is an effective content marketing technique. According to recent study brain processes visual media faster than text..A study by Animoto found that video content helps persuade 73 percent of consumers to buy a product or service.

5.Write tutorials or guide

Writing tutorials or guide on topic relevant to your audience attracts prospects.. Users always search for “how to do certain things” on search engines. For example if you run business of electronic goods then you can write a tutorial on how to set up home theater system in your house to reproduce at home the experience of being in a movie theater

6.Share customer reviews on your website

People do business with people and not with just brand or Logo. If a happy customer of yours talks about your brand, product or services, then your prospects will get more influenced. You can make your existing customers to share images and videos of them using your product or service by offering some kind of incentive. You can post these videos, images on your website.

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