Do You Need Marketing Automation to Do Lead Nurturing?

It is true that you technically do not need marketing automation in order to nurture leads. After all lead nurturing is all about sending timely newsletter to your database, something that you can accomplish with your email service provider (ESP). But in today's scenario, lead nurturing is much more than calendar-based system of 'one-size-fits-all' emails. Without marketing automation, nurturing leads will get difficult. The modern marketing automation software enables you to design and deploy automated, triggered, multi-step email campaigns. Marketing automation software takes lead nurturing to a whole new level. Plus it enables you to deploy lead nurturing programs that are more timely, more relevant, and, ultimately, more effective.

Here's what else marketing automation software can do that your ESP can't

  • When a website visitor visits a high value page on your website, the marketing automation software immediately and automatically responds to these sales-ready behaviors
  • A marketing automation software ensures that inbound sales leads are timely & promptly followed up.
  • Marketing automation also facilitates tailoring content automatically based on visitor criteria like demographics, persona, company size and his position in the sales cycle.
  • Marketing automation increases conversion rates by pre-populating landing pages on the basis of information provided by the prospect.
  • Marketing automation can tailor registration form questions based on answers provided by prospect.
  • Marketing automation can structure multi-step drip campaigns that response automatically depending on prospect's opening, clicking or responding to an email.
  • Marketing automation reflects campaign information automatically within your CRM. It gives your sales representatives more information about prospect behavior.
  • Measure email campaign performance by true ROI vs. just opens, clicks, and leads (and compare campaigns side-by-side by the same criteria)
  • Marketing automation seamlessly integrates social media into email campaigns in a way that extends the reach and value of the campaign.

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