Does Social Media Replace SEO?

This is another myth about social media marketing. Social media is indeed new SEO but it does not replace SEO. Social media in terms of function and strategy, does not replace SEO. Social media signals and posts are now shown in search results does not mean that it would replace keywords. Social media is additional channel.

keywords are the language people use while searching on internet.

Its the language of your audience, your prospects. Billions of searches are conducted every single day, by using these keywords and you don’t want to miss out on that traffic, by replacing social media with SEO. Moreover Google functions with “keywords”. Google matches up the language or keyword people use when they search for particular information they’re interested in. This is the reason SEO remains the same, to discover the language your prospective audience speaks though keyword research.

Social media definitely impacts search results.

These are not the words people use while searching for particular information. It’s the content they share. Though google functions on keywords, sharing on Google+, retweets on Twitter, and to some extent Facebook likes and shares, also matters in search rankings.

SEO and Social media work together, they don't replace each other

Social media posts now show in search results, influencing search rankings, and SEO can drive more people to your social profiles. By gently tweaking your great content in accordance with the keywords of your audience ,helps to bring more people to your social profiles. Both social media and SEO are crucial to bring desired traffic and generate leads.

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