Effective Ways to Segment Your Email Lists

The most basic segmentation is segmenting email lists based on geography, purchase history, demographics, prospects versus clients, and behavioral data. Still thee are other characteristics based on which you can segment your email lists. The following are five such highly effective email segmentation methods:

Segmentation based on subscriber engagement is one of the most basic methods that can have a big impact on your overall email campaign performance and results. Segmentation based on engagement starts by determining who on your email list is active and who is inactive. Inactive users are those who have not clicked on your emails in 6 months or more. The next step is to plan a re-engage campaign to bring back these inactive users by creating interest in your product or service. But it you have a lot of inactive subscribers, then it may affect your email deliverability.

1. Segmenting by engagement also can help you identify your most active subscribers and likely your best customers. By designing special email offers and promotions for this group, you’ll nurture them and help keep their interest high.

2. Segment by persona. Marketers must create a persona of their target audience. Creating a buyer persona is very important for lead generation. While creating a buyer persona you must determine what are your most profitable buyers' values and personality traits. And why would they choose your product or service over others. Use all this information to create segments for each type of persona. This would help you create a relevant content strategy, which will drive more open rate, click-through and conversions.

3. Segment by where customers shop. If you have a physical store, or any business that has a physical store can segment subscribers by different locations, create location specific offers. And if your subscribers purchase only from your online store, then send them offers & discounts applicable online only.

4. Segment by website behavior. By using various analytic tools you can easily find out what products or services have your subscribers recently viewed at your website. With this information, you can get a good idea about what subscribers are most interested in purchasing from your company in the future and tailor your email content and offers to each segment accordingly.

5. Segment users who abandon cart and forms. When subscribers do not fill the sign-up form or if they abandon the shopping cart in the middle of the buying process, create a segment for such users. Perhaps there was a problem with their internet connection or there could have been any other issue, in any case they were interested enough to start the process with your company. So, sending a reminder email, will give them the push they need to complete the process they started.

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