Email Marketing Checklist

Email is a very popular internet marketing method. Its the medium through which you connect to your prospects. This is the platform to generate leads by promoting your product and services. But if you make mistake it is easily visible to your prospects once they open your email. It is very hard to hide your mistake. These mistakes can also create bad impression. To avoid this you can make email checklist. This checklist is your final quality assurance to make sure you are doing right.

Every business marketing team has their own email marketing checklist to ensure the quality. Here is the simple checklist you can refer if you don't have one.


1.Keep message simple and clear
2.You should have a plain text version for those who can’t see images.
3.Proof read your emails for any spelling errors or typo errors.
4. Your email should address the pain points or gain points of audience

Technical Aspects

1.Check the links you have included actually work or not.
2.Test your email out on all platforms, such as PC, mobile phone, iPad and so on.

Editing and Formatting

1. Proof read and edit punctuation errors
2. Consistency of capitalization
3. If your company has style guide, adhere to it


1. See whether your email marketing campaign is integrated with other marketing activities
2. Tracking of your email marketing campaign
3. check whether your email campaign's send schedule time is in correct time zone
4. Check whether proper email and list is referenced

Analyze your past mistakes

We might tend to commit same errors over and over again.,that is human tendency. This is the reason once you have finalized checklist you should analyze the biases you have in writing or mistakes made in past. You should also find out the ways to avoid it in future.

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