Email Marketing Trends for 2014

Evolution of technology is bringing constant change in the ways people connect to internet. Wide use of various devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, is changing the ways of your email marketing campaigns. Today's digital marketing world should adapt these changes to stay connected to your prospects.
In this article let's have a look at latest email marketing trends

Responsive email design

Your emails should be mobile compatible. 47% of email opens happen on mobile devices. Studies find people look at their phones an avg of 150 times/day.

Integrate your website and email data

You need to integrate website and email data. This helps to analyze behavioral patterns of your prospects which aids to do predictive analysis. This predictive analysis facilitates personalized communication with your prospects. Personalized communication keeps prospects engaged with your brand.

Send email on right time

To boost your open and click-through rates send email at time on which user generally open their inbox. Do user analysis to get know time of your audience open emails. Schedule your email campaigns at the time when majority of your prospects are opening their emails.

Integrate different mediums of communication

Use multi -channel communication. Integrate all your digital communication channels to connect to your prospects. For .e.g. when recipient click on email he gets call on his mobile number. When recipient opens email but doesn't click on CTA then send follow up SMS on his mobile number reminding him about the offer and how much time he has to grab that offer.

Define your marketing and business rules as per your subscribers behavior.

Set your marketing and business rules based on your subscribers interaction with your brand. Below example can help you to understand how can you set your marketing rules based on customer or subscribers behavior.

Customer behavior: Transacted worth rs 100000 in last 3 months
Your marketing approach: Set predefined trigger of sending emails to these customers about loyalty . discounts and offers.

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