Email Subject Lines - Some Words Work Better than Others

When one thing works for others that does not really mean that it will work the same for you. During 2012 presidential elections, Obama campaigners made headlines saying that the most successful email subject line keyword for them was a single word 'Hey'. But when 'Yesware' sent out 500,000 sales emails in first quarter of the year 2014, they found that the subject lines containing the word 'Hey' resulted in lower open &amp; response rate as compared to other common subject line keywords. Conclusion? Things that works brilliantly for one may not perform at all for others. But yes, to understand which subject lines are more effective, you must study email subject lines that work for others and then try it for yourself. Its good if they work for you or else find another. &lt;br /&gt;<br />
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In a survey conducted by 'Yesware', analyzing the best and worst email subject lines sent by 1,000 anonymous inside sales pros, it was found that some subject line words work better than others. Some subject-line keywords had better open &amp; response rate as compared to other keywords which were not so effective. &lt;br /&gt;<br />
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While fixing up a call or an appointment with a prospect,we usually "ask for a 'call' ", or "try to put some time on their 'calendar' ". Both the words i.e. 'Call' and 'Calendar' are very commonly used words while scheduling meetings. The survey conducted by 'Yesware' revealed that 'call' is a better word than 'calendar'. 'Call' had a 62% open rate and 35% response rate whereas 'calendar' had a 33% open rate, 10% response rate.

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