Email Testing Best Practice : List Segment Tests

Segmenting an email list is a tricky task, and as a marketer you want to be sure not to over send emails to your subscribers and customers. Take the time to run an extra manual check to ensure that you haven't inadvertently included the same people on multiple email lists that are being sent at the same time. Few things will get you marked as spam by a user faster than delivering multiple emails to their inbox on a given day.

Don't segment too small! You still need a critical mass of users in order to make the time and effort of sending a unique email worth your time. The list size varies from business to business. You'll need to determine "how small is too small" for a list based on your own business needs, but don't fall so in love with list segmentation that you create email lists that don't really have any value.

Before you actually segment list and start sending emails, take the time to think through your business needs and the best way to segment a list for you. You may have a list segmentation that is entirely different from the ones that we've suggested above.

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