Email Testing Best Practice : List Segmentation by Customer Behavior

You might have heard it a million times that segmenting email list on the basis of customer behavior is one of the best email marketing practices. When you start segmentation by customer behavior, you can most likely come up with dozens of ideas and ways to segment your email marketing list by customer behavior. At times it may happen that you'll soon find yourself overwhelmed with data and unable to tell which strategies are most effective with your users. To keep away from this situation, create a systematic plan. Then track what works and what doesn't and repeat the segments that have proven most effective.

Also, keep data up-to-date. A user with a history of one type of purchase may change to a different type of user as lifestyles, age, and other factors change. In order to ensure the best response to your list segmentation, query fresh data each time you segment a list. Do not use old data time and again.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. Your industry or market segment may have unique customer behaviors that make an "off-the-wall" list segmentation make sense. Anything is worth trying once! A/B testing email is a trial and error technique. Unless you try, you may not know the best technique that may get your better or the best conversions ever.

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