Email Testing Best Practice : Offer and Promotion Tests

In addition to testing your offers for bottom line revenue and profit margin promotion, consider the viral and acquisition value of an offer. Did an offer get you a lot of shared attention on the internet or did it get you many new customers? That may be worth it even if it didn't generate as much up front revenue as you were hoping for.

Don't lose money! Particularly in the era of social shopping and huge discounts, it's often considered necessary to offer massive promotions to generate customer interest. However, the math on that often doesn't add up and you end up losing money. A less well-responded to offer that makes a profit may be better than a popular offer that actually loses money for you.

Remember that there may be segments of your database that respond to one type of offer better than to another type of offer. Offers may not be "one size fits all", and you may want to test different offers to different portions of your database.

Consider that timing plays a role in offer success as well. You may want to run an offer test several times in case you've inadvertently sent an offer at a time when a product was unpopular or people were generally not spending as much money as usual.

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