Email Testing Best Practice : Send Date and Time Tests

As always, make sure that your A/B split is even. Younger people will be online more often, and older people may be tied to a more regular email schedule. When sending testing emails, be sure that your list is an even split of all of the database.

Be sure to try your day and time tests several times. Sometimes, there are factors that you cannot control for such as ISP slowdowns, holidays, and unexpected news events that keep users offline. All of those factors may impact the data from your test of a day and time to send. Be sure to try at least several times before being comfortable with your final data.

Think outside of the box! Just because most case studies say to send on Monday or Wednesday at noon or four o'clock Eastern Standard Time, that doesn't mean that that's what will be best for you. Take the time to think about when you might see the best results.

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