Evolution of PR Methods in B2B Marketing

Public Relations (PR) has always been a significant aspect of every business, small or large. Businesses are built on contacts, with customers and clients and this network is always growing owing to the constructive efforts of PR. Sales and marketing are instrumental in building and developing these public relations for the organization. Earlier PR was developed through face to face meetings, interactions and through correspondence media like letters, mails and telephone calls. However, with the advent and advance of technology, the face of PR has changed and evolved too. The web plays a significant role in the development of public relations for your firm. The scope of getting in touch with professionals and customers has increased and become relatively simpler.

Given below are some of the ways in which PR is perceived today:

As email has made correspondence easy and convenient, it has also been made better through planning and execution. Gone are the days when bulk emails were sent randomly as per the list of email addresses available. Data validation and audits are taken much more seriously today. This is to ensure that the email campaign delivers the best results.

Social media has taken the business world in its stride. Numerous social networking platforms and sites are provided open access for organizations. Apart from these sites, posting articles and reviews on forums, introducing live chats as a part of customer care are some of the measures included in PR. Online forums and sites where you can share messages, images and files have also benefited PR.

Websites and blogs have also undergone a phenomenal change and have become active in communication. Usually, the business websites have a blog attached to them. Both the website and blog are regularly updated with the latest developments. Customers are free to interact on the blog by posting comments and queries.

Techniques like SEO and website profiling have renovated the PR methods. Customer communication has now become personalized and business organizations are also taking the extra steps that are required to reach out to their customers.Apart from this, studying the competitors online and understanding the stakeholders and their expectations is also done.

Thus, though the basic concepts of public relations remain the same, the applications have been evolved. Reaching out to maximum customers and creating your place in the niche area and outside are still the aims of public relations. The web has opened several avenues to achieve these goals. These strategies give a maximum contribution in branding and business communication.

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