Explicit Criteria for Scoring Your Marketing Leads

Lead scoring refers to scoring your leads based on certain criteria. Score is given to each action or criteria to score the leads accordingly. These criteria can be classified into 3 categories (1)explicit, (2)implicit, and (3)negative. Today in this article we will talk about explicit criteria.

Explicit criteria refers to information provided by person through registration form or survey. Following are the examples of explicit criteria

1company or organization type

Decide which organizations you are interested in. Whether B2B organizations, or B2C organizations?

2.Company size

Decide the size of company you are interested in. Are you looking to sell to little local business, or to enterprise organizations?

3.job Type

This criteria differ from business to business. B2C companies might target company type, company size But B2B organization, might not just target organization types, sizes. They might be interested in targeting certain job functions and seniority levels within those organizations types Whether decision maker is in the C-Suite, or in middle management who will make the final call.


Decide on the geographic location where you want to sell .Are you interested in selling only to a certain geographic location? Anyone that falls outside the decided city, state, zip code, country, whatever it is, should be given a negative lead score.

5.Lead Source

Leads come from all over the place like Facebook, your blog, PPC, organic search ,etc. You should have an idea which ones close at a higher rate for your business. For example many businesses find that leads coming through organic search close at higher rates than those that come through paid search. Adjust lead scores for any given lead by the source from which they come.


This criteria helps you to understand company budget. Any business would probably want to work with company having highest budget. You can Score your lead according to company revenue. Leads below a certain revenue threshold may be given negative score

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