How B2B Companies Can Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation?

LinkedIn is a popular networking site which has millions of professionals from varied career backgrounds This enables professionals to connect virtually, share experiences and knowledge This professionals' network can be helpful in generating B2Bleads and referrals.Here are the tips about how to use LinkedIn effectively to generate B2B leads.

Create LinkedIn profile

Create linkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile should clearly describe what you do.Prepare brief description of the product and services you offer . For example “We specialize in Financial accounting services for small business. We've been particularly successful with companies in the X, Y, and Z industries that are concerned about their maintaining books ,selecting right accounting software. evaluating budget,reconcile bank account,generating income statements,. We've been able to create customized package of financial services that help our customers save time, money and concentrate on core areas of business.”

Broaden your network by adding connections

The more connections you add to your LinkedIn network the more you grow your circle This .broadens your visibility to other potential connection through your current connections.. People you talk to about business or meet during the course of the business are a potential LinkedIn connections.

Connect with people you know

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you know. You can add unknown people to your network through shared connection or you can ask for introduction from the common connect..

Build lead list by exploring interest of your current connection

Explore the interest of your current connections by going through the updates about your connections.,pages they join. Investigate connections of your current contacts to see whom you don't know but would like to meet . Make a list of these contacts.Try to connect with these contacts through your common connections.

Join LinkedIn groups

By joining LinkedIn groups you can connect with the contacts who are in groups with you. This will help you to expand your LinkedIn network.


Write recommendations for your customers and main contacts.This will prompt your customers or contacts to return favor in the form of recommendations.

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