How do you get started with A/B Split Testing?

As we discussed earlier, email marketing is an art and mastering it is a difficult task. But with A/B testing, you can get better and better with your email marketing efforts. There are infinite factors in an email campaign that can affect its overall performance. It is important to test these details to maximize your email marketing efforts. One of the best ways to determine your email marketing efforts is through A/B split testing.

Email A/B split testing is the process of sending two different emails, then analyze results to determine better performing email. When you create an email A/B split test you must consider the following:

Determine what factors will decide success - Before you A/B split test, you need to decide on parameters that determine a winner. For this, you want your recipients to do more than just open your email. However, click through rate & conversion gives you the most accurate view of your email success

Test one parameter at a time to have a clear picture - If you are testing multiple factors at a time, it will be difficult to analyze which factor is performing better. Having a number of differences between the two emails will make things difficult. For example, what if you tweaked the time of send and the subject line? Perhaps the time of send increased the click rate by 14% but the subject line decreased it by 13%. You would only see a difference of 1% between the two emails and be unable to attribute the difference to one specific change.

Test, measure, improve, repeat - There is no end to A/B testing for email marketers. You will eventually gain a better understanding of what gives the best results, but you should never assume you’re done. There is always room for improvement and the only way to do so is through constant testing and measuring.

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