How To Add Human Element To Your Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a software which helps companies to nurture leads with useful content and convert them into sales ready leads.

Marketing automation technology is there to speed up the marketing activities by allowing business to concentrate on core areas. But ultimately technology can not replace a human being. your Marketing Automation needs a human touch otherwise it sounds like a Robot and people might lose interest . For example Marketing automation segments people based on their corporate functions .But still all CFOs are not the same, their responses and decision making process may differ.

People like to interact with people and not with machine. Marketing automation does help in effective lead nurturing program by providing right content at right time to right people ,but this content should have some kind of human element to connect with your audience. I know physically it is highly impossible to sit and draft one on one email to each of your subscribers, but you can tweak the content provided through marketing automation in more humanized way. Adding human touch to your Marketing Automation can help you to initiate and maintain a valuable relationship with your audience that will ultimately increase the quantity and quality of leads. The question here is how to do it?

To add human element to your Marketing automation, you need to focus on one journey and then map out all possible decisions someone will make and your ideal responses to these decisions You can take help of your sales team to map out the possible decisions. For example pick a journey like registering for Webinar . Imagine all possible decisions your prospect will take and how will you guide him in this process. Imagine as if you are trying to help your friend to make decision and follow process. Imagine the ways in which you will convince your friend and guide him through process. Once you map this you can scale it down in the sales funnel with the help of Marketing Automation. This will help you to make your content more humanized and conversational. Use Marketing Automation to methodologically move your prospect further down the sales funnel through more appealing and relevant content. Adding human element will help you to instantly connect with your audience by crafting the most relevant content.

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