How To Craft Post Sales Content Marketing Strategies?

You try to engage your customers with lots of useful content. before a customer purchases from your company,. But once a customer purchased your product or service you tend to be less attentive towards him or her ,But you need to understand that after this point you are in a serious relationship with that customer . You should take extra efforts to maintain that trust and confidence, your responsibility increases. You need to keep your customer buying. Following are the post sales content marketing strategies that you can implement to foster your after sales relationship with your customer.

1.Post sale content

.Create and provide content to your customers relating to how to use your product or service, How to fix any problems with it, How to return it. This will make your customer happy with the least hassle for both you and them.

2.Send follow up emails

You can send follow up emails to know whether customers are happy with their products, do they have any problem using your product By helping customers this way can help you to build a good reputation . A happy customer can spread a word about your services to his networks via social media or by word of mouth.

3.Create user friendly tutorials

Create How to information tutorials to guide your customers. You can create this tutorial by surveying with your customers as to in what areas do they need assistance in using product. You can create a video and post it on your website or on YouTube.

4.Build a customer forum

This will help customers to share their problems and help each other. This will benefit you also by extending your audience reach through the network of your customers.

5.Give opportunity to customer to share their experiences

You can enable customers to share their product experience through photos or text. These photos or video you can use for your lead management and lead nurturing program.

The bottom line is that content marketing does not end with the first purchase. It’s the beginning of the next buying cycle where your firm need to leverage content marketing to retain those customers. You should not restrict your content marketing to only lead nurture.
Leverage your existing content marketing and marketing communications to transform them into high quality content. This encourages customers to use your products more effectively.This might prompt them to continue to buy from you.

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