How to Create After Event Content?

Event marketing is one of the effective marketing tool for B2B marketers. Event can be online or offline. There are various ways through which you promote your event like via social media,email marketing. While promoting event we create various types of content relevant to the event to promote event online. In this article we will see some after event content ideas. This after event content can be used as starting point of your next future event.

Thank you notes

Send thank you notes to your attendees and speaker for their participation in the event and making event a huge success. Encourage them to follow you on social media by provoking their interest through some creative ideas like announcing promotion winners or sharing photos and videos from the event. This will help you to expand your social media reach by increasing the number of your followers.


Ask attendees what they thought about the event through separate email. Create questionnaire and try to include both quantitative and qualitative form elements to it. This will help you to understand flaws if any and restructure your future event accordingly. The best positive feedback can be used as testimonials while promoting future events.

Share event photos over social media

share event photos, albums over social media and ask people to tag themselves or their friends. This will keep your event attendees engaged to your brand and will help to build relationship with them by answering the comments on them. You can create event presentation on slidshare and share the link via social media or email

These post event communication ideas will help you to strengthen the relationship you made with attendees during the event and get a head start on recruitment of valuable returning event participants for next event.

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