How to Create New Blog Content By Recycling Your Old Blog Post Content?

Blogging is one of the important content marketing tool. Blogging helps you to drive new traffic to your website by working closely with search engines and social media. Every time you write a blog post, it's one more indexed page on your website . Every new indexed page creates opportunity for you to show up in search engines. This increases new traffic to your website through organic search Through blog post you create content that can be shared by people on social media like Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

For this your blog post content needs to be fresh and relevant to your target audience and informative. You need to come up with new ideas day after day to write your blog. This is sometimes really taxing if you are blogging on regular basis. The question here is what to do when you are running out of new ideas for your blogging?. Not to worry we have solution for you. You can simply look to your old content for some new post ideas. Here are the ways in which you can recycle your old blog posts content.


You can turn content from your old blog post into infographic. Infographic is graphic visual presentation of information. It presents the information in quick and ,easy to read format. It helps readers to easily scan for the required information in very less time. Visual media is more influential than only text. Brain processes visual media faster than text.

Turn your blog post into video

Video is another effective way to recycle your old blog content. According to the Online Publishers Association 26% looked for more information about the subject on the video. Creating video is not very expensive and it requires minimal editing. You can post it on YouTube, on your website. Visual media makes understanding of subject quick and easy. According to DigitalSherpa Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%.

Update old blog post with latest changes.

Things keep on changing. Update your blog post with new studies, news stories, updated statistics . Scan your old blog post to identify the areas where you can update information. This will not only create new content but will also be very informative in terms of latest changes.

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