How To Design Effective B2B Lead Nurturing Program

Lead nurturing is about building trust, by helping prospects. Effective lead nurturing program provides sales ready and highly qualified leads. When highly qualified leads are passed over to sales , it increases their efficiency by not wasting time running behind leads who are not yet ready to buy. You also must be having effective lead nurturing program in place to nurture your leads but if its not giving you desired results then its time to rethink and redesign your lead nurturing program. Here are the tips to design effective lead nurturing program

Analyze your database to understand your audience

Analyze your database to know your audience. Identify common demographics, and behavior like title, industry, professional background, how they first engaged with you and why? This information will help you to target right information. This will help you to know what information is most relevant to them and how they want to consume it.

Find out pain points of your audience

Find out the problem areas and what they want to know more by talking to each of your audiences. You can ask questions like:
1.What issues they have?
2.How do they respond to those challenges or issues?
Do they attend any event, read any whitepaper relating to that issue.?
3.What kind of information will help them to resolve the issue?

Help to reduce pain

After identifying the pain points of your audience create content that will help them with these challenges or issues. You can email this information to them at regular intervals.

Pay off:

According to the MarketingSherpa On average, organizations that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those organizations that do not Even better, nurturing leads will boost your revenue According to ANNUITAS Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads

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