How to Develop Effective Brand Story?

Brand story telling is effective content marketing strategy to make audience engage with your brand. So developing effective brand story is very crucial. Creating a great story that ties to your revenue growth is a challenging task. Here are guidelines by expert Andrew Davis, a best-selling author and storytelling guru ,which can help you to build an effective brand story. In this article we will also discuss the examples of big brands whose brand story are in sync with guidelines of Andrew Davis.

Andrew Davis explained at 2014′s Content Marketing World event that creating moments of inspiration is very crucial to develop brand story that drives revenue. Brands should gather in depth understanding of their customers, by getting closer to the center of the customer’s universe. Where are they, and what do they do online every day . These moments of inspiration will push your customers towards their purchase journey. Following should be the key elements while developing your brand story.


Try to build suspense in your brand story. Patagonia “Worn Wear” series is a good example of it Patagonia invited brand advocates to share about their outdoor adventures. Adventures naturally has inherent suspense.

Inspirational content

You brand story should have inspirational content which will motivate your audience.For example University of Phoenix video of NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald […] working toward one of the most important completion attempts of his life: his college degree.”motivates audience to education and studies. It explains the role of online education how the flexibility of an online university can make it possible for anyone to fulfill their dreams, and motivated audience to continue with education in adverse situations and circumstances.


Get people emotionally invested in your product or service through your brand story. For example Honey Made in their “This is Wholesome” series of documentaries, narrates about the lives, challenges of three different families, and how each make their unique situation work and what makes their family life wholesome. Honey Made’s family stories make audience think of their own families, and inspire them to live with more love in their day to day


You need to identify which emotion relates to your product or service. What emotion inspires action as it relates to your products and services?

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