How to Develop Trust and Consistency on Your Landing Page?

You will attract more eyeballs if you have clearly mentioned about who you are and what you are offering on your landing page. You'll certainly gain more trust by clearly communicating your business and what you offer. They more visitors trust you, the better will be the conversion rate. Following are some tips to increase trust on your campaign landing page:

Contact information : Show your physical address, social network links, phone number(s) and if possible an email address to get in touch with you. The more recheable you are, the more friendly and 'open for business' you look.

Do NOT Oversell : Don’t over-promise only to under-deliver. That is the fastest way to lose trust - and customers. Say what you are offering and deliver what you promised.

Keep it Consistent : When you run a marketing campaign, make sure whatever your promotion is, it remains the same through your sales funnel, including landing pages.

Speak to your customers : Mind the voice in your landing page copy. Consider your landing page as a place where you meet them in person. Use 'You' instead of 'people' etc. Craft personal marketing copy that speaks the language of your intended market.

Use testimonials :  Share good quotes from your customers - and show their face and name. People trust the opinions of people - especially those of friends. Social endorsements are a valuable way to gain and reinforce trust in future customers.

Keep your form fields to a minimum : Determine the length of your forms such as 'first name' and 'email address' ad mandatory contact information.

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