How to Do Pre- Event Preparation with Marketing Automation?

Event marketing is one of the effective marketing tool used by B2B marketers. To optimize the benefits of event marketing it is crucial to maximize the event participation. B2B marketers put in lot of efforts to maximize event participation. To maximize event participation you need to make people aware of the event, you need to know them how event participation can be beneficial for them. Marketing automation can help to make these pre -event preparation. Here are the ways in which it can help.

Reach out to your various audiences

One way to maximize event participation is to let your event attendees know that you are going to be there by sending targeted email messages. Marketing automation helps you to segment your email list to reach to potential attendees. Marketing automation's ability to break your audience into more targeted segments for example by location, makes your pre- event communication hassles free by relieving you from tension that someone might get an email that does not pertain to them. For example you can send out an email to a list of prospects who live near the site of the trade show so that they know your company will be in the area.

Your targeted email should be a friendly reminder that you are stopping by and you would love to see them at the event.

Social media postings

We all are aware how social media helps to expand your audience reach. Promoting your event on social media helps to increase the number of your event attendees by expanding your audience reach. You can schedule your social media posts about your event prior to a month ,by using your marketing automation platform’s social posting feature. While promoting your event on social media use event hashtag and look for other events or discussions that relates to your event topic.

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