How to Ensure Success before implementing Marketing Automation?

In order to be successful small teams need to focus on identifying their goals and establish a clear-cut plan prior to implementing a marketing automation platform. To achieve this, you must perform follow a set of steps mentioned below:

Establishing a plan : Marketing is a field where every now and then there is a new trend and to be successful marketers must stay on top of these trends to manage their everyday tasks. While coping up with these changes, marketers get side tracked easily. The only way out is to create a high level marketing plan ahead of time which focuses on core tasks & bottom lines i.e. conversion and revenue generation. To ensure success, small marketing teams must stick to their plan & focus on important tasks i.e. increased conversion and better revenue.

Create a customer persona: Creating a customer persona is an important part of all your marketing efforts. Creating a customer persona means to describe your buyer and highlight his / her characteristics like attitude, skills, goals & behavior. Without characterizing a customer before implementing marketing automation, it is very difficult for small marketing teams to create their marketing programs as per their potential customers. The better the customer persona is, the better is the results of marketing campaigns, and the more successful small teams will be at converting potential customers.

Identify Channels : Before implementing marketing automation, small marketing teams must identify their best channels i.e digital, mobile, social channels or a mix of all. When small marketing teams select a channel, they must consider their customer's preferences in mind. For example a B2B customer may prefer emails over SMS or social media.

Measurable & Scalable design programs : Marketers should regularly evaluate & measure if their marketing campaigns are creating any impact. Prior to implementing marketing automation program, small marketing teams should make sure that their marketing programs are not only measurable but they also provide desired metrics. Small teams should also agree on how they will report on each program, so that consistency always remains intact and enables easy comparisons to be made down the road.

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