How to Increase Lead conversion Through Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an integral part of corporate marketing activities. Email marketing if done strategically helps to increase your lead conversion. Here are email marketing tips to increase conversions

Keep your marketing email short

Keep your marketing email short and simple. You don't need to be fancy. Too lengthy email might fail to grab recipient attention by provoking them to not to read entire email. Before preparing copy of your email decide on the goal of sending your marketing email. You should try to find out the answers to questions like “What do you want to get out of this email? What do you want your customer to get out of the email? Offer clear CTA to prompt your customers to take action which you want them to take like taking a trial, take advantage of your offers etc.

Avoid sending email from generic company mailbox

Email sender name has huge impact on your lead generation and lead conversion. Recipients react differently to email sent by sales representative, or CEO. This keeps things a bit more informal and personal. Avoid using company mailbox to send an email because it fails to give human touch to your marketing emails. Write your email in more conversational and human tone to engage with your target audience.,


Segment your email list according to persona,activity,industry, demographics etc. Segmentation helps you to write more relevant and engaging emails. Segmentation allows you to build targeted campaigns with messages designed specifically to pique the interest of your segmented audience.

Personalize your email message through dynamic content

Personalize your email messages by using more relevant and dynamic content. You can also personalize email message by including the name of the recipients, by personalizing email subject lines etc. You can even tailor your monthly newsletter for your customers based on products or buying stage cycle There are various ways in which you can personalize your email messages. By creating more personal experience for your email recipients , you can improve your lead conversion rates because the more personalized your email message is the more likely it will get read.


In content marketing content is a king. Your content has to be educative and informative for your audience. You email message should offer value to your target audience. According to Marketing Sherpa, 40% of subscribers mark email as spam just because it is irrelevant. You can engage your audience by providing them best and relevant content. Your email communication should be relevant ,educative, and informative.

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