How to Leverage Your Content Marketing to Its Fullest Potential?

There is no doubt that in an information age content is a king. Content marketing is integral part of any marketing activity. According to a Marketing Profs/Content Marketing Institute survey, 68 percent of marketers said they used content for brand awareness, 68 percent used content for customer acquisition and 66 percent used content for lead generation.

But still question here is are you leveraging content marketing to its fullest potential? According to above stats only 39 % people are using content for lead management and lead nurturing. Brand awareness and lead generation are indeed important . But only brand awareness and lead generation don't produce sales qualified leads. To generate sales qualified leads you need something more than brand awareness. By leveraging content marketing to its fullest potential you can achieve that.

Content marketing is a part of great campaign. You identify key target audience by generating leads through your quality content. Then utilize your content marketing in lead nurturing and lead management. Utilize the latest lead nurturing and marketing automation tools, to put the correct content in front of the ideal prospect, at the perfect time. This combined effort increases the number of sales qualified leads. This increases the productivity of salespeople by focusing on prospects that are most likely to buy and not chasing prospects who are not yet ready to buy.

Map your content marketing gaps by understanding buyer persona. Buyer personas are research-based modeled representations of your ideal buyer. Review your content by making content asset list to map content marketing gaps.Make sure you include everything on your list like , ebooks, videos, articles, brochures, case studies, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Develop content for each stage of consumer decision making process. Consumer decision making process involves 5 steps which are (1) Need recognition(2) Research(3) Evaluation(4)Purchase(5) after sales. This way content marketing will be utilized to the fullest potential to achieve success for any business.

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