How to make automated messages feel personal

Marketing automation indeed brings incredible efficiencies to your business. To build connections with your prospects you should make your automated message feel personal. To have desired impact of your marketing your communication has to be consistent with your product, services, company values and the audience you are targeting. Automation can help you to make marketing personal and consistent across all channels.

Following are the ways to create on brand and personalized emails using marketing automation, your creativity

sending emails from real person who relates to your brand.

Send email from a real person who is relevant to your message He or she should be person who actually relates to your product, services and your company values. He should be perfectly fit into message which you want to convey. Try to add the e-signature ,photo of sender.


Segmenting your audience you send email to is very important. No customer is same. Every business has to cater different types of customers. Each customer has different needs to address. One common email for all customer won't create that connection with your prospect. Moreover if you are marketing globally then segmenting as per geographic relevance also becomes important. Messages written in wrong languages, or event invitations from wrong continent are highly irritating.

Effective usage of lead scoring.

Lead scoring is a feature of marketing automation which is used to qualify and pass along leads to sales. Lead scoring results shows you how responsive your content is, whether its actually connecting with your prospects or not.

If lead is interested in your product or services send relevantly personalized message at right time but in automated way. Carefully plan your content addressing the pain points and gain points of your lead.

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